China Olefins Annual Studies

Comprehensive analysis and forecasting for China’s olefins and coal-to-olefins markets

Traditionally, China has been heavily reliant on olefins imports. However, with the rapid development of the coal-to-olefins (CTO) industry, the country is now slowly able to produce its own supply. Indeed, the country’s unique CTO production has altered the competitive landscape and international market players now require up-to-date and accurate market data and insight.

ICIS offers two detailed reports that can support and validate your business development strategies.

Both studies are compiled by ICIS olefins local experts and include the expertise of a global analytical team based in key hubs in the US, Singapore and Europe. This ensures the information available in the report gives you a holistic view of what’s happening in the Chinese olefins market, but more importantly how it impacts global markets.

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China Olefins Annual Study

The ICIS China Olefins Annual Study provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the country’s olefins industry, broken down by key products – ethylene, propylene and butadiene (BD).

Features of the report:

  • Comprehensive overview of China’s olefins industry, broken down into key markets – ethylene, propylene, BD
  • In depth supply/demand analysis of the China olefins market and forecast data up to a year ahead
  • Accurate data mapping China’s market share of olefins, based on the different production processes
  • Analysis of price, import capacity, government policies and latest development trends, including consumption volumes
  • Detailed interaction between the olefins and derivative/downstream markets

This report addresses all of the following questions:

  • How has China’s import reliance changed in the olefins market?
  • Who are the key importers of ethylene and propylene in China?
  • How will CTO production impact international exporters?

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China Coal-to-Olefins Competitiveness Report

The ICIS China Coal-to-Olefins Competitiveness Report enables you to gain a better understanding of the country’s fast-emerging coal-based production. Including information on the various production processes for ethylene, propylene and BD, this comprehensive resource ensures you are able to identify risks and challenges associated with the growing market.

Features of the report

  • Competitive analysis of the economy, investment cost, competitive advantage and sustainability of olefins, based on different feedstocks
  • Comparison between olefins production technologies with different feedstocks (propane, methanol, shale and naphtha), as well as downstream commercial applications
  • Commentary on the influence of CTO development on China’s olefins industry
  • Analysis of macroeconomic policies and government regulations, and their impact on the CTO industry
  • Evaluation of challenges and risks and the overall acceptance of China’s CTO industry

This report addresses all of the following questions:

  • How is the olefins market likely to change in the future?
  • What kind of competitive pressure will naphtha-based olefins producers in China face?
  • What is the scale of acceptability of the coal-to-olefins (CTO) technology in China?

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