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ICIS has a network of locally based reporters providing coverage of regional Paraffin wax markets.

Whichever regional markets you need to track, our independent price assessments and market coverage will keep you fully up-to-date so you can always negotiate with confidence.

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What's happening in the Paraffin wax market?

Our editor gives their expert view

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Paraffin Wax Europe Transcript


The weekly ICIS paraffin wax report is the key industry report for this market. The ICIS report is used as a benchmark for the industry.


A lot of candle makers who buy paraffin wax, for instance, will negotiate a contract with their suppliers making reference to the ICIS published price.


The report itself is split into two sections.


The first section covers domestic prices for the different waxes most commonly used in Europe. The second section deals with spot trade and this tends to be for wax originating in China or Russia.


There is also a reference price provided for semi-refined paraffin wax, which is commonly used in parts of central and eastern Europe.


Detailed analysis is provided, commentary on upstream and downstream developments, as well as cross-regional connections, courtesy of ICIS’s global reporting team.


ICIS gathers the information in the report by speaking to buyers, sellers, producers, distributors and traders.


Anyone who is buying or selling paraffin wax really has to read the ICIS report to understand the challenges and complexities of this market.

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