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What's happening in the Paraxylene-Orthoxylene market
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Paraxylene-Orthoxylene Asia Transcript

ICIS publishes both a daily and a weekly report for paraxylene or PX, in Asia as well as assessments for the cost and freight (CFR) Taiwan and China main port (CMP) price. The report also includes the monthly Asia contract price (ACP) as well as the China domestic delivered quote.

Information in the weekly report includes details of all spot transactions, bids and offers as wells an in-depth discussion of demand-supply fundamentals and any current production problems.

The PX daily and price alert service help subscribers keep on top of all the latest market moves.

ICIS engages with a wide cross-section of market players: producers, traders and consumers in order to eliminate bias and to ensure accurate price assessments that provide useful benchmarks for the industry.

In this way the ICIS CFR Taiwan and China main port quotes as well as the published Asia contract price is used for contract settlement by a growing number of market players.

Together with paraxylene, ICIS provides coverage on the orthoxylene or OX stream. Prices for the free on board (FOB) and CFR northeast Asia markets as well as assessments for the CFR India and southeast Asia are also provided together with prices of isomer grade xylene, paraxylene and phthalic anhydride. This provides our subscribers with a comprehensive view of the upstream, downstream and related products market.

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