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The ICIS Polyacetal (POM) report is published weekly in Asia. In Europe POM falls under the Engineering Plastics report and includes Polybutylene  terephthalate (PBT) prices.

Price assessments cover contracts in Europe and spot in Asia and this unbiased independent intelligence is supported by commentary about demand, supply, production issues and graphs. This news and market analysis is an invaluable resource for market participants to refer to when making those crucial business decisions.

What's happening in the Engineering plastics market?
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Polyacetal overview Transcript

Polyacetal or POM and polybutylene terephthalate also known as PBT are covered under the engineering plastics umbrella.

POM is a crystalline plastic often used for technical applications due to its strength, ductility and good machineability. Its properties make it suitable for click connections, for example, with bicycle light holders. The material is known for its stiffness, strength and hardness up to 120 degrees Celsius, and is as elastic as many metals. It is wear-resistant and has a very low friction coefficient.

PBT is a semi-crystalline white or off-white polyester similar in composition and properties to polyethylene terephthalate, though it has slightly lower strength and stiffness. PBT is softer, but it has higher impact strength and very similar chemical resistance. It is usually preferred for industrial-scale moulding because it has quicker crystallisation. It is widely used in electronic, electrical communication fibre optic and automotive industry.

The cost of feedstock methanol influences the POM price. The PBT price is highly influenced by the raw material costs of dimethyl terephthalate and butane diol.

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