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The ICIS Polycarbonate report is published weekly in Asia, Europe and the US and monthly in CIS. These reliable and trustworthy reports can help industry players to keep abreast of the latest news and make informed business decisions.

The price assessments largely focus on general purpose (GP) moulding and GP extrusion grades and cover spot or contract, depending on the region. Market intelligence comprises of regional overviews, upstream news, graphs and production updates.

What's happening in the Polycarbonate market?

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Polycarbonate Overview transcript


Polycarbonate is a type of high-specification engineering plastic. Its major markets are in the electronic sectors such as: computers and business equipment, optical media, glazing sheet products and in the automotive industry.


Polycarbonate is naturally transparent, has high strength, toughness, heat resistance and excellent dimensional and colour stability.


The raw material for polycarbonate is bisphenol-A or BPA.


China is the largest importer and user of th resin in Asia given its huge manufacturing base. The market is fast-moving and is over supplied.


The spot market is active and liquid with major sellers from Korea, Taiwan, Japan southeast Asia, the US and Europe.

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