Polyethylene Asia prices, markets & analysis

For clear insight into regional Polyethylene markets, you need in-depth price reports direct from those regions.

That’s why ICIS maintains a network of locally based reporters, providing not just price assessments but market commentary and analysis.

Use ICIS information to:

  • Follow fluctuations and understand factors driving them
  • Input into your own internal analytical models
  • Clarify settlements and contracts
  • Inform negotiations

What's covered in our Asia Polyethylene price report
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Polyethylene Asia Transcript


ICIS publishes a weekly Asia polyethylene report that covers China and South East Asia import prices.


We also publish a separate weekly polyethylene report that focuses on China’s domestic market and provide a daily price alert service that tracks china’s daily polyethylene import prices.


In the two decades since we launched our first Asia polyethylene report in 1990 we have responded to changes in the polyethylene market with new price assessments and by expanding our coverage of the southeast Asia markets.


Our China-focused polyethylene report was launched in 2006 for assessing the domestic retail trade as part of our response to the growing interest in what is happening in China’s domestic market.


Our price assessments reflect the transactions, bids and offers captured throughout the week.


Our reports also include planned maintenance schedules, and outages which may influence price movements.


We speak to resin processors, traders and producers to obtain information on the week’s trades.


We are able to discern the authenticity of information because we have in-depth market knowledge, an extensive network of industry contacts and a global team of editors reporting from China, Singapore, London and Houston.

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We offer the following regional Polyethylene coverage to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the Asia Polyethylene marketplace.