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What's covered in our Europe Polyethylene price report
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Polyethylene Europe Transcript

The European ICIS Polyethylene report is widely used as a benchmark in the Polyethylene industry.

It covers several grades, loosely divided into three main sections, low density, linear low density and high density Polyethylene.

The low density section includes spot and domestic prices for Europe. It also includes and FOB export price, Russian domestic prices and a CFR price for Turkey, a fast growing market which is a major importer of Polyethylene

The linear and high density sections follow a similar pattern to the low density section, with a few minor differences.

We follow four separate types of linear low density and three grades of high density on a weekly basis, reporting on all the elements that influence pricing: unplanned shut downs, new capacities, imports, exchange rate movements, and crude and naphtha prices which have such an impact on the ethylene and therefore the polyethylene .price.

The ICIS Polyethylene report also keeps a close eye on movements in the key China market which impacts markets worldwide. It is essential reading for our subscribers as it offers them a comprehensive coverage of the Polyethylene market.

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