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Sorbitol prices are covered weekly by ICIS in a combined Asia and US report. Contract price assessments in the US cover liquid and crystal sorbitol while in Asia the focus is on sorbitol spot markets. Our locally-based  reporters gain insight into the market activity and produce unbiased and reliable reports.

Commentary includes a general and regional overview, demand and supply, production news and price analysis in the form of graphs. This news and analysis allows you to operate with confidence. 

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Sorbitol Overview Transcript

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol produced from the starch portion of the corn kernel. Sorbitol is mainly used as a sugar substitute especially in dietetic products but itis also the main ingredient in such things as sugar-free gum and diet beverages.

The market for sorbitol is closely tied to overall consumer trends, for example if the gross national product is set to increase 2% in the coming year we can expect the4 market for sorbitol to increase 2%. It generally follows trends in overall food consumption,.

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We offer the following regional Sorbitol analysis and news coverage to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the Sorbitol marketplace.

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