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European Spot Gas Markets (ESGM) Methodology – August 2013


Introduction to European Spot Gas Markets (ESGM) European Spot Gas Markets (ESGM) contains independent price assessments and indices for mature and emerging gas markets, as well as in-depth analysis on price drivers, authoritative commentary on each day’s trading activity and daily news. Coverage for some markets stretches back as far as 1994 and a comprehensive […]


At ICIS, we report monthly on the European renewable markets, provides readers with the latest price assessments, commentary and market-related news. Our coverage offers readers essential insights on the clean energy market – an area that is quickly developing as governments across Europe continue to tighten regulations. Find out more about our Renewables coverage

European Daily Carbon Markets Methodology – August 2013


ICIS publishes European Daily Carbon Markets (EDCM) on every UK working day of the year. EDCM is a concise and easy to digest carbon news snapshot, providing readers with key OTC and exchange prices, UK and German clean spark and dark spreads and the latest European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) market developments. EDCM […]

Caustic Soda Methodology – June 2013


Caustic soda, with its co-product chlorine, is produced via an electrolysis of brine, in the ratio of one part chlorine to 1.1 parts caustic soda. Chlor-alkali products can be manufactured using one of three processes – mercury, diaphragm and membrane, with the industry moving towards the membrane process. Typically chlor-alkali manufacturers use a proportion of […]

Caustic Soda Price Report

The ICIS Caustic Soda report is published weekly in 6 different region, giving the reader a complete global picture In Asia the report tracks FOB NE Asia and CFR SE Asia prices The European report covers the quarterly contract, monthly distribution, domestic spot and import and export markets for both liquid and solid grades which […]

Caustic Soda

With a network of price reporters across Asia, Europe and the US, ICIS is fully equipped to keep you updated on everything that happens in the global Caustic soda market, whether you buy or sell Caustic soda or related products. From daily and weekly reports containing price assessments obtained by our network of local reporters, […]

European Clean Energy Markets (ECEM) Methodology – Sept 2012


ICIS publishes market prices based on information continuously gathered from market participants on spot transactions, spot bid and offer levels, contract price negotiations, prices of related commodities and relevant freight costs. ICIS includes in its price generation process only information gathered up to the published market closing time for each commodity and assessed period. ICIS […]

European Clean Energy Markets (ECEM)

Our monthly European Clean Energy Markets report provides readers with second-to-none renewable power price assessments, pricing information on ROCs and LECs as well as market commentary and key news stories. The report recognises the importance of the renewable energy industry – not just in the UK, but all across Europe – ensuring readers have access […]

World Crude Report Methodology – August 2013


All ICIS-published assessments in the crude oil market are so-called “market closing” assessments. That is, they are intended to represent the tradable value of a particular crude grade at the time commonly agreed by the marketplace to represent a daily physical market “close”. A closing value price assessment takes into account:confirmed deals, bids and offers; market direction; and market relationships […]

ICIS Complaints Procedure

General Compliance

Feedback, Disputes and Complaints Policy ICIS welcomes comments, queries and other feedback on its editorial services, assessments and market-reporting methodologies. ICIS is committed to continuous improvement of its editorial standards, and feedback from customers is vital to that commitment. Inevitably, from time to time, disputes arise about ICIS methodology, or about specific news items or […]