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General Compliance & Methodology

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ICIS business is founded on its reputation for independence, accuracy, impartiality and objectivity.Our customers rely on ICIS for accurate information. Customers must feel confident that information relayed by ICIS, whether verbally, in print, on screen or in data form, has not been influenced by any commercial, personal or other interests. ICIS has a suite of […]


The ICIS Ammonia Outlook Report is published monthly and The Market is a weekly publication. The monthly Outlook is published from a global perspective, covering all key regions and contains a market overview, price forecasts, supply and demand outlooks. Detailed commentary and pricing in The Market publication covers the global market. In Asia, prices are […]

Acrylic Acid – Acrylate Esters Price Report

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The ICIS Acrylic Acid and Acrylate Esters reports are covered weekly in Asia, Europe and the US All regions cover the four main acrylate esters, butyl acrylate (BA), methyl acrylate (MA), ethyl acrylate (EA) and 2-ethyl hexyl acrylate (2-EHA ) Asia, CIF prices are assessed for China and SE Asia and delivered prices for bulk […]

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

ICIS offers trusted and reliable market intelligence for those buying or selling ammonia or related products in the global ammonia market. Our reporters across Asia, Europe and the US keep in touch with local markets, bringing you price assessments, in-depth news and analysis which you can rely on to guide you in your commercial decisions. […]

Acetic Acid

With a network of price reporters across Asia, Europe and the US, ICIS is fully equipped to keep you updated on everything that happens in the global Acetic acid market, whether you buy or sell Acetic acid or related products. From daily and weekly reports containing price assessments obtained by our network of local reporters, […]