Response Summary

Bisphenol A Methodology Consultation – Summary of responses

Following the announcement that ICIS would be launching a formal methodology consultation process, we have received one response to consultation GMC 23/17, in which the respondent requested anonymity. The view the response, click here:

ICIS received only one response to the Bisphenol A Methodology Consultation 2017.

ICIS Decision

The respondent requested some changes to the definition of the CFR China Assessment, the introduction of new assessments for CFR Northeast Asia and/or CFR Southeast Asia, and the introduction of a non-epoxy assessment.

After due consideration, it was decided that ICIS would not be able to gather sufficient data from the key players to make such assessments sustainable. However, should this situation change, it might be possible to introduce new assessments in the future.

ICIS will not be proposing any immediate changes to the methodology of the bisphenol A report. Any decision to change this methodology will be communicated to subscribers using the usual channels and with the usual notice period.

ICIS continues to welcome any feedback on its bisphenol A methodology outside of the formal consultation process.

To provide further comments or feedback please contact Barbara Ortner, Head of Market Reporting:

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