Epoxy resins are versatile polymers used in the manufacture of adhesives, coatings (such as industrial and maintenance coatings in oil and gas pipelines), paints and structural parts needed by the automotive, aerospace and aircraft industries. In the construction industry, epoxy resins are the preferred materials for non-slip, easy to clean surfaces and are the adhesives of choice due to their excellent adhesion to steel and concrete. Epoxy resins are also used in the electronics industry to encapsulate electronic components and protect them from damage – electrical laminate – but the industry has moved to Asia. The electronics industry accounts for one fifth of the epoxy market.  Epoxy resins are also sometimes used in the packaging industry.

The market for epoxy resins splits roughly into two equal parts: coatings (powder coating, can coatings, marine coatings and automotive coatings) and structural applications (electronics, composites, civil engineering and adhesives).

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