On 11 February 2020, ICIS closed its latest consultation paper GMC06/20 covering all of the ICIS primary price points included in European Daily Electricity Markets (EDEM). European Daily Electricity Markets (EDEM) Methodology Consultation 2020

The consultation contained a section asking general questions about the sustainability of ICIS methodology for the markets concerned.

There was also a section about specific market issues regarding the German, Hungarian, Italian, French and Turkish electricity markets.

ICIS did not receive any formal responses to the consultation.

As a result ICIS is minded to stop assessing the following contracts from 22 April:
• French Power: Day+2 and Day+3 Baseload and Peakload
• German Power: Day+3 Baseload and Peakload
• Italian Power: Week+2 Baseload and Peakload; All peakload products excepting month+1 and year+1
• Hungarian Power: All peakload products
• Turkish Power: Week+1 Baseload; Rolling Year Baseload.

In addition, ICIS will cease publication of the Hungarian Day-ahead Peakload index and Turkish month-ahead Baseload index.

The EDEM methodology document, European Daily Electricity Markets (EDEM) Methodology – 28 January 2020 will be updated on 22 April when these changes take effect. Should you have any questions please contact EDEM Editor, Irina Peltegova on +44 (0)20 7911 1975 or at

This document is not open for consultation