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ICIS is implementing a process of rolling consultation on all of its pricing methodologies. Consultation paper GMC01/14 is part of this formal process and covers all of the ICIS primary price points included in the publication European Daily Electricity Markets (EDEM)

The consultation asked general questions about the suitability of the ICIS EDEM methodology.

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ICIS received no formal responses to this consultation paper.

ICIS Initial Decision

ICIS will not amend its methodology as a direct result of this consultation. However, it is committed to holding regular, formal, consultations and will do so again before the expiry date of this methodology document on 01/07/16.

Please note that ICIS will continue to measure market trends and activity and gather feedback from participants on all of the markets for which it provides pricing. We welcome continued feedback from market participants outside of the formal consultation process.

To provide further comments or feedback on the ICIS electricity market methodology for EDEM, please contact Louise Boddy or Jamie Stewart:

Louise Boddy:

Jamie Stewart:

Consultation on this document closed on 1 August 2014