Mono propylene glycol (MPG), otherwise referred to as propylene glycol (PG), is a product that is used in the manufacture of high performance unsaturated polyester resins (UPR), as well as engine coolants, antifreeze applications, aircraft wing and runway de-icer, food, pharmaceuticals and personal care products and paints/coatings.

The manufacture of plasticisers and hydraulic brake fluids consume considerable quantities of propylene glycol and it is also used in the manufacture of non-ionic detergents which are utilised not only in the petroleum, sugar refining and paper making industries, but also in the preparation of toiletries, antibiotics and liquid washing formulations.

Propylene glycol is an excellent solvent and finds outlets in printing inks, alkyd resins and as an extractant.

Propylene glycol is relatively non-toxic but is a mild irritant.

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