Polyester staple fibre (PSF) is a short length derived either directly from the polymerisation of PTA and MEG or from PET fibre chips. The same applies to Hollow Conjugate FibrePolyester filament yarn (PFY) are long lengths extruded directly from the polymerisation of PTA and MEG (this becomes spin drawn yarn) or indirectly from fibre chips (which results in fully drawn yarn). Partially oriented yarn (POY) is derived from melting and spinning fibre chips.  POY is then extruded and texturised intodrawn texturised yarn (DTY).

All the above products are used in textiles. PSF is spun into yarn then woven into fabric for apparel. Common lengths are 38 mm or 40 mm.  It can also be used as stuffing for toys and pillows and as insulation and wadding for bedding and furniture, and this grade is called Hollow Conjugate Fibre, or fibre-fill. PFY is spun and knitted into fabric for upholstery and curtains. POY is a feedstock for DTY, which is in turn used for textiles.

ICIS pricing quotes Polyester Staple & Filament Yarns in Asia-Pacific.

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