ICIS pricing focuses on pipe grade high density polyethylene in resin form for natural grade and black material. HDPE80 and HDPE100 grades are used for different pressure and non pressure applications, with HDPE100 offering higher pipe properties.

‘Black’ compounded material is regulated by PE100+ association with certification and recognition from the International Standards Organisation.  These pipes can withstand high operating pressures, improved resistance towards UV, surface notch damage during pipe laying and rapid crack growth. These properties have encouraged its used in major pressure applications such as water, heating, oil and gas pipelines compared to traditional piping materials.

Natural grade resins are non regulated materials requiring the need to compound them and adding colour masterbatches and carbon black to achieve the specs needed for a specific application. The pipes are compounded according to the needs of the buyer and project that it is intended for. These pipes are typically used in piping for sanitation, agricultural irrigation and as ducting materials.

To find out more Polyethylene Pipegrade Methodology September 2013

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