Raffinates 1 and 2 are by-products of ethylene and propylene production in a cracker. The European market is structurally thin as most companies have captive use or are locked into long-term contracts.

Raffinate 1 is used in the manufacture of a variety of polymers such as PIB (poly iso butene) and butyl rubber and fuel components such as MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) and alkylate gasoline. Major polymer end uses include sealing compounds and adhesives for plastic products, protective coatings and cable insulating materials.

Raffinate 2’s main use is methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). Butene 1 can be extracted which is a feedstock into linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). Other uses are polygas, polygasoline a high octane gasoline pool component.

ICIS pricing quotes Raffinate 1 and Raffinate 2 in separate reports in Europe

To find out more Raffinate 1 and Raffinate 2 Methodology September 2013

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