The ICIS Bitumen Report is published weekly in China and the Asia and Middle East regions are combined

  • The Asia and Middle East report includes, spot prices for east Asia, SE Asia, Australia and the Middle East, regional monthly trade data, in-depth regional market economic news, including practical analysis on market events and outlook
  • Regional freight information and assessments, analysis on supply and demand
  • Insights and price assessments for China’s domestic markets
  • China bitumen margin analysis, bitumen tender and road construction projects in mainland China

Active Documents

Bitumen Methodology – April 2012

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Bitumen is a heavy, semi solid oil derivative that gradually softens when heated. There are different qualities of Bitumen which will vary according to the type of crude oil refined. ICIS pricing focuses on Bitumen 60/70 rated according the penetration and softening point tests at 25 deg C. Bitumen is primarily used in the construction of […]