Our monthly European Clean Energy Markets report provides readers with second-to-none renewable power price assessments, pricing information on ROCs and LECs as well as market commentary and key news stories.

The report recognises the importance of the renewable energy industry – not just in the UK, but all across Europe – ensuring readers have access to a comprehensive view of what’s happening across the markets and the reasons for the changes.

Use ICIS information to:

  • Access the latest price assessments to assist in buying and selling renewable certificates
  • Analyse developments, including supply and demand, regulatory issues and market dynamics
  • Read about the factors driving prices
  • Get a monthly round-up of the latest developments across the markets

Active Documents

European Clean Energy Markets (ECEM) Methodology – 22 September 2015


European Clean Energy Markets (ECEM) is published monthly and contains independent price assessments and indices for European renewable energy certificate markets, as well as in-depth analysis on price drivers, authoritative commentary on each month’s trading activity. ECEM places a large focus on UK’s renewable obligation certificate (ROC) over-the-counter market as well as the Nordic renewable energy […]