The ICIS Polyethylene (PE) Report is published weekly in Africa, Asia, China, Europe, Latin America, Middle East-South Asia, Turkey and the US

  • Our insights into regional PE markets are provided by our network of reporters in those markets.
  • We cover several grades of PE, including low density (LDPE), linear low density (LLDPE) and high-density PE (HDPE).
  • Price assessments reflect the transactions and bids/offers captured throughout the week.
  • Reports also include planned maintenance schedules and outages, which may influence price movements.
  • The data is assessed using ICIS intelligence about upstream and downstream markets, including logistics, seasonal variance and historical data.

Active Documents

Polyethylene Methodology Consultation 2022


ICIS is implementing a process of rolling consultation on all of its pricing methodologies. This consultation paper is part of this formal process and covers all of the ICIS primary price points included in the polyethylene weekly publications. The consultation asks both general questions about the suitability of the ICIS pricing methodology and questions addressing […]

Polyethylene Methodology – 9 October 2023


This is the ICIS pricing methodology for polyethylene. ICIS quotes polyethylene prices in Europe, Asia-Pacific, China, the US, Middle East/West Asia, Latin America, Africa and Turkey. ICIS continuously develops, reviews and revises its methodologies in consultation with industry participants. Previous versions of this methodology can be found under Archived Documents. For a copy of an archived methodology document, please […]