The ICIS Polysilicol (solar grade) Report is covered weekly in Asia

  • The report quotes FOB NE Asia spot prices, as well as tracking the China domestic market on a DEL China basis
  • News on spot deals, bids and offers and buy-sell ideas for the key geographies across Asia
  • Information is sourced from producers, traders, distributors and buyers to ensure a balanced and accurate view
  • Commentary includes scheduled and unscheduled production outages and prevailing supply-demand conditions
  • The report is a useful tool to help with purchasing or sales decisions

Active Documents

Polysilicon (solar grade) Methodology – September 2013

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Polysilicon¬†is the feedstock for the solar and semiconductor industries.¬†Solar-grade polysilicon¬†typically has purity levels of 6N (99.9999% pure) to 8N (99.999999%) and it is used to make solar cells; 9N (99.9999999%) polysilicon may also be used in some premium solar cells. Electronic-grade polysilicon has higher purity levels of 9N (99.9999999%) to 11N (99.999999999%) for producing silicon […]