ICIS Committee Presentations at APIC 2018: Outlook for Polymers, Synthetic Rubber, PET Value Chain, and Propylene Oxide

ICIS was selected to present at four committee sessions at day 2 of APIC 2018. The presentations were delivered by market experts from the editorial as well as the consulting team. The sessions provided a review and outlook analysis on Asia polymers, Asia synthetic rubber, polyester and PET value chain, and propylene oxide (PO).

We have made the presentations available for you here. Complete the form below for your complimentary copy.

Session 2: Polyolefins Asia Polymers – Are New Global Capacities Poised to Change the Trade Dynamics? Felita Widjaja,
Senior Editor
Session 5: Synthetic Rubber Challenges Facing the Synthetic Rubber Market in Asia in 2018 and the Never Ending Tussle between Synthetic & Natural Rubber Ann Sun,
Senior Analyst, Analytics & Consulting
Session 6: Synthetic Fibre Raw Materials Moving from “Irrational Exuberance” to a “New Normal” in the Polyester & PET Value Chain Jenny Yi
Senior Analyst, Analytics & Consulting
Session 7: Chemicals Could New Technologies Propylene Oxide (PO) in China Change the World Supply Balance? Rhian O'Connor
Senior Analyst, Analytic & Consulting

If you have any questions regarding the specific topics, you can contact the respective ICIS market experts:

  • Asia Polymers by Felita Widjaja, Senior Editor
    Email: felita.widjaja@icis.com
  • Synthetic Rubber by Ann Sun, Senior Analyst, Analytics & Consulting
    Email: ann.sun@icis.com
  • Polyester & PET Value Chain by Jenny Yi, Senior Analyst, Analytics & Consulting
    Email: jenny.yi@icis.com
  • Propylene Oxide (PO) by Rhian O'Connor, Senior Analyst, Analytics & Consulting
    Email: rhian.oconnor@icis.com

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