Whitepaper: Planning for Demand Growth in China and India for the Next Ten Years

With the current market volatility, planning for business growth in China and India for the coming years is not as easy as looking at the historical numbers and assuming that the future will be the same as the past.

Using the ICIS Supply and Demand Database and our Consultants deep understanding of the political, social and economic factors that have shaped the development of the petrochemicals business in these two Asian giants, this whitepaper answers the following questions:

  • What are the fundamental economic and market drivers impacting PP demand in China and India?
  • Where are the highest risk areas and the opportunities brought about by this shift; what could change?
  • What kind of reality checks should you carry out because we are in uncharted territory?

Tools to help you plan for the future

Supply and Demand Database

Import and export volumes, petchemical consumptions, plant capacities and production, product trade flows –from 1978 up to 2030. Global and country-specific (e.g. China) data are covered. Comprehensive insight on what to expect from China and its forecasted local and global trades.

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Forecast Price Reports

Produced by the ICIS Consultants, these reports give a robust rolling 12-month price forecast, trade balances and in-depth analysis into where markets are heading, including a market sentiment index.

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One-to-one Consulting Service

Tailored solutions based on your unique business needs. From research and due diligence, to investment analysis and portfolio optimisation, our Consultants will work alongside your team to identify challenges, mitigate risks, and help meet your growth objectives.

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