Energy Connections

The oil-gas (dis)connection
28th March 2016 by

Oil and other commodity markets rallied in early March, but a key support factor behind the rise was...

REMIT second reporting phase nears
23rd March 2016 by

With only a couple of weeks left before additional energy trade reporting requirements kick in, trad...

Domestic Indian price reforms could boost LNG import demand
16th March 2016 by

From an LNG seller’s perspective, India is one of the few beacons of hope. The vast country, which...

Gas industry struggles to prepare for changing rules amid tariffs storm
4th March 2016 by

Knowing how to prepare for going outside during winter months feels, at times, impossible to predict...

In or out? Why those steering Europe’s single energy market might pay attention to the UK’s EU referendum debate
1st March 2016 by

Being a UK-based company, the news schedule my colleagues and I at ICIS are exposed to away from the...

ACER looks to form group on energy derivatives
21st July 2015 by

EU regulators agency ACER is looking for people to form an ad-hoc expert group on energy commodity d...

UK urged to extend max jail term for market abuse to 10 years
11th June 2015 by

The Bank of England has suggested that the max jail term for anyone guilty of market abuse be extend...

Negotiation set to shape key energy regulation
5th June 2015 by

The next few weeks and carrying through July are likely to result in some important regulations for ...

EMIR review launched
21st May 2015 by

The European Commission has launched a review of the European Markets and Infrastructure Regulation,...

Proposal could shine bigger light on EU policy development
19th May 2015 by

The European Commission has said in the future it will look to make draft texts of its implemented a...

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