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What's happening in the Base oils-Lubes market?

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Base Oil – Asia Transcript


ICIS publishes a weekly report on the Asia Pacific Base Oils market. We cover three main groups of paraffinic based oil products, they are commonly traded in Asia. Asia is both a major market and a key production centre.


In the report, we track the FOB and CFR markets in Asia as well as Singapore ex-tank prices for group 1 base oil by talking to a wide spectrum of industry players.


Our market coverage extends from South East and North East Asia, to India and the Middle East. We also have a separate in-depth report available on the Chinese market. Industry players rely on the ICIS base oil report to get up to date information on base oil refinery developments and plant shut downs that could have an impact on the market. We also keep a close eye on arbitrage flows and demand from the finished lubricants sector.


Shipping and feedstock information completes the market coverage.


ICIS has covered the Asian market for more than 15 years and our prices are now the industry benchmark. Our report is essential to our subscribers as we are renowned for delivering key, up to date, reliable information which is important for them in order to conduct their business.

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We offer the following regional Base oils-Lubes coverage to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the Asia Base oils-Lubes marketplace.

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