China Base Oils Annual Report 

An in-depth review of China’s base oil markets in 2020 – with a detailed supply/demand outlook up to 2024

The China Base Oils Lube Markets Annual Report analyses the base oils and lubricants market by combining local insight with a global perspective. It covers the market’s supply and demand with a five-year projection to support international market players’ strategic planning work, and sheds light on key growth sub-sectors where international suppliers have a competitive edge.

The ICIS China Base Oils Annual Study covers:

  • In-depth analysis of China’s Group I/II/III base oils supply and demand balance
  • Forecasts on China’s base oils supply and demand in 2016-2020
  • China’s base oil imports and consumption by source and region in 2015
  • Ranking of China’s top 10 base oil importers in 2015 and analysis of import margins
  • Key issues in the overall Asian base oils market in 2015

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Why Choose ICIS?

  • Gain first-mover advantage with local insights and precise data
  • Facilitate forward planning with ICIS’ reliable forecasting methodology
  • Understand the global impact of local developments
  • Keep track of the industry status and developments with our annual study

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