ICIS China Propane and Butane Market Research and Outlook

A comprehensive study on China’s propane and butane markets, with a three-year forecast on supply and demand, as well as deep insights into recent market developments.

China’s propane and butane markets have been increasingly appealing for international players, despite uncertainty in the domestic liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) market due to rising competition from natural gas.

The ICIS China Propane and Butane Market Research and Outlook outlines the various factors shaping the market up until 2017 and is the only report available that provides unprecedented insight into the Chinese market.

Touching on hot topics such as the expected demand from PDH units, the impact of competition and domestic policies, the report offers a comprehensive understanding of this complex market and serves as an essential read for international players closely following the domestic propane and butane markets.

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The ICIS report will help you:

  • Make more informed production, trading and investment decisions for the next three years
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities in China’s propane and butane markets
  • Understand how LPG prices and direct competitor gases can affect the market
  • Understand the significance of domestic policies and regional dynamics

Key information included: 

  • Detailed data of China’s propane and butane markets, including supply and demand forecasts up until 2017
  • Integrated forecasting of demand from deep processing units (olefin deep processing alkylation and isomerisation units) and the sustained impact from natural gas
  • Analysis of the domestic market and domestic policies, directly from the region

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