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Market analysis, price forecasts, data and news to help you make better trading decisions

What do we do?

ICIS is the only dedicated carbon market intelligence provider that leverages behavioural modelling to formulate actionable and accurate insights. These can help facilitate quick reactions, informed trades and a ROI in a matter of seconds.

We give you more than just carbon price data. Our analysts and journalists look closer and dig deeper. The result is laser sharp carbon analysis and insight that you can trust.

All of our analysis draws on our rigorous behavioural approach, so we always offer a fresh perspective on the carbon market developments. What's more, our unique Timing Impact Model produces behaviour-driven price forecasts that are regularly evaluated.

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How the ICIS Carbon Market Intelligence Solution can help you

Whether you are a part of carbon trading, policy, compliance, risk management, analytics or strategy teams, our portfolio accommodates your changing needs. We provide access to valuable resources and product capabilities, enabling you to make quicker and more confident business decisions.

ICIS Carbon Portal

The ICIS carbon portal is an online tool that delivers analysis, market insights and rich datasets. This tool is designed to help traders and analysts to make better-informed business decisions. ICIS offers four different portals based on different markets and their needs.

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ICIS Carbon Insight

The ICIS carbon insight is a combination of news, analysis, market intelligence and market expertise designed to keep traders and analysts up to date with what is happening in their respective markets to ensure they make better-informed business decisions.

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ICIS Attributes


    Anticipate trends before they happen


    Make decisions with confidence

  • carbon market data you can trust

    Make inspired choices

  • FAST

    Be ahead of the curve


    Stay connected

Why Choose ICIS?

We keep you one step ahead of the competition

With our solutions, you are better equipped to recognise patterns, predict trends and take action quickly and confidently. We keep you one step ahead of the competition by anticipating their behaviour – so you will know how they are likely to act in the market.

We save you time, money and manual work

Our short-, mid- and long-term price forecasts and ‘info boxes’ on the most relevant topics compress hundreds of sources and policy pages into a scalable, consistent and intuitive structure. Our extended network of market participants, on the trading and political sides, secure the accuracy of our insights.

ICIS carbon market intelligence - prices, news and insight

We invest in getting it right

Our solutions allow instant interpretation and action. Where some providers cut down on the quality of insights and technology investments to cut costs, ICIS makes speed and accuracy a priority. Our solutions highlight risks and foresee negative developments that could impact your business.

We do not rely on fundamentals, we innovate them

The ICIS TIM (Timing Impact Model) is the first of its kind. By capturing utility hedging rates and the banking behaviour of industrials, our unique modelling forecasts the true market balance (or ‘traded balance’), enabling you to trade ahead of the curve and better understand the risk exposure of your trades.

Free Resources


ICIS Carbon Markets Almanac 2017

The ICIS Carbon Markets Almanac provides a top-level view of global efforts to combat climate change with cap-and-trade systems. For each of the different schemes worldwide it highlights key design characteristics and includes spotlight articles discussing specific system features.

Download the 2017 Carbon Markets Almanac

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