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ICIS is the only dedicated and global carbon market intelligence provider that can leverage behavioural modelling to formulate actionable and accurate insights from over 2 million data points and over 6 million emission allowance transactions in the EU ETS alone.

Our analysis covers all major carbon markets worldwide: EU ETS, Western Climate Initiative (California, Quebec, Ontario), RGGI and China’s pilots and National ETS.

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ICIS carbon market analytics solutions

The carbon market analytics solutions can be customised and tailored depending on your needs and regions. We cover the EU ETS, Western Climate Initiative (California, Quebec, Ontario), RGGI and China’s pilots and National ETS. Please contact our team to find out more about the options you have or to set up a trial for one of our products. 

ICIS carbon insight

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  • Intra-day analyst updates
  • Monthly market briefing report containing mid-term forecast
  • Access to in-depth research reports and webinars
  • Access to ICIS annual carbon seminars
  • Analyst access via email, phone and messenger
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Premium suite of carbon intelligence tools

  • Short-term price indicator and mid- and long-term price forecasts (including scenario tool)
  • Breakdown of the market balance and market data
  • Installation and compliance company behavioural database
  • Fundamental data up to 2030
  • Complete insight package advantages included
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With our solutions, which you can customise in 81 different scenarios, you are better equipped to recognise patterns, predict trends and take action quickly and confidently.

Our forecasts are fuelled by a variety of data, including power generation figures and hedging quotas, which makes us the most reliable source for carbon price forecasting globally.

ICIS carbon market intelligence - prices, news and insight

Our solutions allow instant interpretation and action. Where some providers cut down on the quality of insights and technology investments to cut costs, ICIS makes speed and accuracy a priority.

The ICIS TIM (Timing Impact Model) is a unique modelling technique which captures utility hedging rates and banking behaviour of industrials. It forecasts the true market balance enabling you to better understand the risk exposure of your trades and trade ahead of the curve.

Carbon analysts

Analysts can leverage the instant insights provided by our 22 dedicated Global Carbon experts who capture bottom-up market information in 81 customisable scenarios, from over 16,000 installations in the EU ETS alone.

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Carbon traders

Our trader customers say they can make decisions within seconds based just on the timely headlines and market impact ICIS provides.

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Free carbon resources


ICIS Insight: Metering Standards Create Confusion on Mexico’s Wholesale Electricity Market

Mexico has made strides in liberalizing its wholesale electricity market, but delayed metering standards may be hampering the market.

Energy regulator CRE is working on issuing new regulations for metering, with the goal to improve its energy infrastructure, specifically through improvements for real-time communication among market participants and market operator CENACE.

Get the details about this story by downloading the insight piece here.

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EU ETS Innovation Fund - an underrated carbon price determinant?

With the post-2020 EU ETS reform adopted, the implementation of legislations is increasingly under the spotlight.

In this white paper, Lead Carbon and Power Analyst Marcus Ferdinand, takes a look at three different timescales for monetising the 500m allowances reserved for funding innovation projects.

Download the white paper

ICIS webinar: EUA market boom – what is driving the current run and where are the bulls going?

View webinar and download slides

Webinar - The EU ETS Post-2020 reform and its impacts untangled

Download the presentation slides

Webinar - Welcome to the WCI: Why Ontario's inclusion may change the California-Quebec outlook

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Market update: China launches national emissions trading scheme (ETS)

The long-awaited world’s largest emissions trading scheme (ETS), the Chinese national ETS, was launched on Tuesday 19 December.

In this white paper, ICIS looks at the impact this scheme may have on the Chinese carbon market.

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White paper: Post-2020 reform - status quo or seismic shift?

The Post-2020 reform sets the framework of the EU carbon market from 2021-2030. It contains several important provisions that are likely to have an impact on the market as early as 2018.

In this white paper, ICIS breaks down the impact this reform is likely to create on the EU market and how the EU carbon market is likely to develop over the next 10 years.

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ICIS Carbon Markets Almanac 2017

The ICIS Carbon Markets Almanac provides a top-level view of global efforts to combat climate change with cap-and-trade systems. For each of the different schemes worldwide it highlights key design characteristics and includes spotlight articles discussing specific system features.

Download the 2017 Carbon Markets Almanac

Historic carbon resources

EU ETS White Paper: Brexit risks for the European carbon market

Infographic: What’s the impact of the German election on the “Energiewende?"

ICIS Webinar: Where does Ontario’s carbon market stand now and where is it heading

Exclusive ICIS white paper: The impact of the post-2020 EU ETS reform

ICIS special report: Post-2020 EU ETS Reform

Whitepaper: California Chamber of Commerce Lawsuit 2016

ICIS special report: The Essentials of China Carbon Price Assessment

Report: An introduction to China's carbon market

Upcoming carbon events and webinars

ICIS Power & Carbon Seminar 2018

14-15 November 2018 // Hotel Eurostars, Berlin

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Meet the team

Philipp Ruf

Philipp Ruf

Director – EU Power & Carbon Analytics

Philipp is the head of the EU Power & Carbon Analytics team at ICIS. He can be reached at

Marcus Ferdinand

Marcus Ferdinand

Lead Analyst – EU Power & Carbon Markets

As a lead analyst for EU Power & Carbon Markets, Marcus provides qualitative and quantitative analysis in the rapidly changing energy markets in the EU. He can be reached at

Stefan Feuchtinger

Stefan Feuchtinger

Senior Analyst – EU Power & Carbon Markets

Stefan is a senior analyst of the EU Power & Carbon Team at ICIS and focusses his analysis on the political developments in the EU. He can be reached at

Sisi Tang

Sisi Tang

Lead Analyst – China Carbon Markets

Sisi leads the China Carbon Team for ICIS, which covers the pilot markets in China as well as the upcoming National ETS. She can be reached at