Helping you identify risks, interpret market developments and predict price movements

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A blend of behavior- driven analysis, price forecasts and exclusive news for the California and Quebec cap-and-trade schemes. All delivered by our trusted team of analysts and journalists. Whether you’re new to the carbon markets and just need the basics, or you’re a seasoned operator looking for the inside scoop, we’ll help you gain a market advantage.

Why we are different

Our analysts know what works in these markets – they appreciate you want concise, executable information and opinions, not lengthy reports. They also understand that simply providing the facts only takes you so far.

Consequently, our analysts dig much deeper to provide insight on policy/regulatory risks, why the market reacted the way it did and how it will react in the future. Furthermore, all our analysis is underpinned by our robust, trusted analytical approach – the Timing Impact Model. 


What we offer you

  • Analysis of policy and regulatory risks via succinct ad-hoc analyst updates and the monthly market briefing
  • Market commentary to explain the previous month’s market activity and any changes in market participant behavior
  • Time saving, actionable summaries of important regulatory and policy documents, complete with the market impact
  • Transparent, behavior-driven medium term price forecasts that can be used as comparison for users own views
  • Research reports providing a ‘deep dive’ on key issues affecting the California and Quebec cap and trade schemes
  • Fresh news articles sourced by our journalists to ensure users remain up to date with the latest market developments
  • Flexible pricing tools allowing you to analyze how the price of different contracts and their trading volumes has evolved
  • Email, phone or chat support from our team of analyst to discuss details and understand the impact of policy/regulatory developments

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The lifecycle of emissions trading schemes

With a wide array of different emissions trading schemes starting around the world, we looked for recurring patterns in the evolution of a cap-and-trade system. Click the link below to download the full article. 

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