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The CA/QC Cap-and-Trade Portal is a blend of qualitative analysis and suite of inputs and outputs from ICIS' Timing Impact Model (TIM) which includes price forecasts, offset data and behavioural data. It's produced by leading ICIS experts and ex-industry practitioners based in California.

Why we are different

The CA/QC Cap-and-Trade Portal gives you an advantage in the market by helping you identify risks and understand what drives participant behavior in the California and Quebec cap-and-trade schemes.

Our team of expert analysts understand better than anyone the way you want to view information because they’ve been there. As well as providing the inputs and outputs of the Timing Impact Model to subscribers (that you can feed into your own analysis), we also explain what the data means.

We don’t just leave it there. Our team is also available to customers to answer questions by email, phone or chat.


What we offer you

  • Analyst updates and research reports that will help you to understand the policy/regulatory risks and potential events that could cause a market shock and/or trigger a significant price movement
  • A monthly market briefing to explain recent market activity and any changes in market participant behavior
  • The predicted market balance through 2020, based on participant behavior as well as fundamentals
  • Price forecasts you can trust, featuring transparent assumptions
  • Behavioral data for key market participants
  • Fresh news articles sourced by our journalists to ensure users remain up to date with the latest market developments
  • Flexible pricing tools allowing you to analyze how the price of different contracts and their trading volumes has evolved
  • Access to our team of analysts by email, phone or chat

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Offsets in California's Cap-and-Trade Programme

Like most ETSs around the world, California has its own offset mechanism. Offsets in California, the so-called California Carbon offsets (CCOs), can be used by compliance companies to cover up to 8% of their compliance obligation. Especially with the expansion of the California program, the theoretical demand for offsets could be large. However, the California offset program has been facing a number of challenges in the last months. Click the link below to download the full article.

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