Analysing the impact of carbon market news

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The ICIS Carbon EU ETS Insight provides the highlights of ICIS' European behaviour-driven analysis. Our analyst updates and monthly briefings explain the market impacts of news, policy announcements, or trading statements – helping you make informed decisions and saving you time. Furthermore, the Insight product also features price forecast and EU ETS carbon market analysis.

Why we’re different

We provide a robust view on why the market has reacted the way it has and how it will react in the future.

Our analysts understand how crucial it is for you to have accurate and informed information you can absorb quickly, so we don’t overload you with information. Critical updates are bullet-pointed and released right after breaking events.

Tschach Solution’s team of analysts have worked for utilities and trading houses, which ensures you are getting executable analysis you can trust from reliable sources.

What the ICIS Carbon EU ETS Insight offers you

  • Time saving intra-day analyst updates that explain the market impact of news, policy developments and trading statements
  • Access to our team of analyst by email, phone or chat
  • Monthly market briefings explaining market participant behaviour and EU ETS carbon price movements
  • Research reports to help you to identify and understand policy/regulatory risks
  • A medium-term EU ETS carbon price forecast, derived from our Timing Impact Model (TIM) and updated monthly

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ICIS Carbon Markets Almanac 2017

The ICIS Carbon Markets Almanac provides a top-level view of global efforts to combat climate change with cap-and-trade systems. For each of the different schemes worldwide it highlights key design characteristics and includes spotlight articles discussing specific system features.

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EU ETS White Paper: Brexit risks for the European carbon market

EU ETS White Paper: Brexit risks for the European carbon market

This White Paper, provides a scenario-based assessment analysing the impact of Britain’s exit on the EU ETS market balance and as well as our mid-term outlook for EU Allowance (EUA) prices. We found that the most bearish EUA price risk is associated with a scenario where the lead time between the announcement of Brexit and the actual end of compliance obligations for UK installations is reduced to a minimum, and when Brexit takes place before the end of phase three in 2020.

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