How do you manage risks around China’s seven pilot carbon trading schemes?

China’s ETS landscape is evolving fast. Our analysts are forging ever closer relationships with the key players and parties in the seven pilot schemes, supported by our experts in the wider global energy market. All of which aims to put you in the best place possible to manage your position and make informed judgements regarding the level of involvement in these markets. long-term forecasting, helping your organisation remain competitive, efficient and profitable. Find out more >>

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Why we’re different

We don’t just provide news. Our analysis tells you what it means. What it means for the market, what it means for the major industries involved, and what new regulations and policy changes could mean to your organisation.



  • 及时了解最新的中国碳交易市场新闻和动态;
  • 了解和评估市场变化对价格的潜在影响;
  • 了解价格中期发展趋势以及驱动因素;
  • 通过评论、定量数据和图例深入了解关键要素。


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