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At ICIS our analysts blend deep market expertise with behavior-driven analysis of the California, Quebec and RGGI schemes. That means we can help you identify the policy and regulatory risks early and understand their potential impact on the market. 

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We’re trusted by our clients to analyze why the markets move, what drives that movement and what to expect in the future. It's why we're the go-to source for the North American carbon markets. When you need urgent answers or another perspective, we give you personalized service by email, phone or chat

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CA/QC Cap & Trade Portal

The CA/QC cap-and-trade Portal provides a complete suite of market intelligence from qualitative analysis to help you identify regulatory risks early through to the inputs and outputs from the Timing Impact Model. The Portal is ideal for traders and analysts, and offers everything you need to plan your trading strategy and take advantage of profitable trading opportunities.

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RGGI Portal

The ICIS RGGI Portal is a blend of qualitative analysis and a suite of inputs and outputs from ICIS’ Timing Impact Model (TIM) which include price forecasts, fundamental data and company specific behavior data.

The ICIS RGGI Portal gives you an advantage in the market by helping you identify risks and understand what drives participant behavior in the RGGI market

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RGGI Insight

The RGGI Insight product is a blend of news and expert analysis on what’s driving participant behavior behavior in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

Our analysis is focused around the quarterly auctions and is informed by ICIS’ behavior driven Timing Impact Model.

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CA/QC Cap & Trade Insight

The CA/QC cap-and-trade Insight provides the highlights of ICIS’ California/Quebec market analysis.

It’s ideal for people who want an overview of the impact of regulatory changes, market risks and breaking news but don’t need detailed datasets.

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CA/QC Cap & Trade News

CA/QC cap-and-trade News brings you market-relevant breaking news with a focus on stories researched by our own journalists. It’s aimed at stakeholders who need to stay up to date with how the California and Quebec markets are evolving but don’t need detailed analysis or datasets.

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ICIS Carbon Markets Almanac 2017


The ICIS Carbon Markets Almanac provides a top-level view of global efforts to combat climate change with cap-and-trade systems. For each of the different schemes worldwide, it highlights key design characteristics and includes spotlight articles discussing specific system features.

Our overarching breakout articles for 2017 include an analysis of the post-2020 carbon world and how we will get there, a discussion of President Trump’s impact on carbon trading, as well as a study on the Brexit and its effect on EU carbon and power markets.

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Offsets in California's Cap-and-Trade Programme

Like most ETSs around the world, California has its own offset mechanism. Offsets in California, the so-called California Carbon Offsets (CCOs), can be used by compliance companies to cover up to 8% of their compliance obligation. Especially with the expansion of the California programme, the theoretical demand for offsets could be large. However, the California offset programme has been facing a number of challenges in the last months.

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Regional overview

Updated to Q1 2015

California’s carbon market saw increased activity through the first quarter of 2015 as more than 81.7m allowances were traded or cleared through the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

However, prices have tumbled 3% following the first Air Resources Board (ARB) auction that cleared at $12.21/tCO2e. Activity on the secondary market has also declined after the auction.

However, prices have tumbled 3% following the first Air Resources Board (ARB) auction that cleared at $12.21/tCO2e. Activity on the secondary market has also declined after the auction.

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