China Bunker Market Annual Report

Understand the challenges facing bunker markets in China

The global shipping market is facing big challenges in the midst of a bearish economy. But what impact will that have on the bunker markets in China and Asia? Some shipping companies, expecting an end to the slowdown, have already expanded their fleet; new ship orders rose in the first half of 2013. But it is expected that the market will see overcapacity in the near term. And sluggish markets mean that many shipping companies will face losses; others may claim bankruptcy or quit the market.

Industry players don’t expect the shipping market to recover fully until 2015. Consequently, many ship owners are cutting their bunker fuel costs – giving suppliers of cheaper fuel a chance to take some of the market share. The government is also expected to propose supportive policies for the shipping market.

Market players need to be informed on key movements and government plans for the bunker market in order to plan future activity. The China Bunker Market Annual Report collates ICIS experts’ first hand data and research results, together with data from the General Administration of Customs, NDRC, MOC and other governmental departments to provide an in-depth analysis of the market’s key issues and a forecast of future trends.

Report: China Bunker Market Annual Report
Frequency: Annually
Coverage: China

Asia Bunker Market Annual Report - 2013

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A detailed review of the bunker market in China

The China Bunker Market Annual Report provides a clear view of factors affecting the bunker market in China and Asia. With clear analysis of key developments, including the challenges facing the global shipping market and the rise of cheaper bunker fuel oil, the report provides a complete picture of the situation now – with forecasts up to 2018.

The China Bunker Market Annual Report covers:

  • A detailed assessment of supply and demand balances from 2008 - 2013
  • Bunker fuel prices and margins, including regional comparisons
  • An overview of the bunker blending market across Asia
  • Logistics and infrastructure information, plus a review of China’s ports
  • Insights into the issues affecting the market
  • A review of the Asian market including Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan
  • The supply and demand outlook up to 2018

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China is expected to boost its gasoil and gasoline exports from 2014, because the world’s second-largest economy is likely to face an oversupply in its fast-growing refining capacities, industry sources said.

China may import feedstock butane on robust demand in 2013-14


A surge in butane demand from butane deep processing units in China may trigger imports of this feedstock in 2013-2014, as supply of domestic butane may fail to meet the robust demand and its quality is not as good as the foreign grade, ICIS C1 Energy forecasts.

China sets slower energy consumption targets for the Five-Year period

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