China Gasoil Supply and Demand Index Monthly

In-depth coverage of activity in the gasoil market in China

Increasing pressure resulting from economic slowdown has significantly impacted gasoil demand. Government intervention on the infrastructure industry also remains an influencing factor on China's gasoil market. The high gasoil price continues to adversely affect the transportation industry.

On the supply side, refinery run rates have bottomed out and sales pressure has increased. The market has proved difficult to stimulate and the oversupply situation, particularly in the domestic market, looks set to continue.

The day-to-day changes creating oversupply and stockpiling issues, price volatility, demand peaks and troughs, and export uncertainty all mean that market players need robust and timely information to stay ahead of the ever-changing gasoil market in China.

The China Gasoil Supply and Demand Index Monthly provides the latest viewpoint on activity in China’s gasoil market, keeping traders, analysts and producers abreast of the complete market picture as it unfolds. It is a value reference point from which to judge opportunities as they arise, and be alerted of potential new opportunities on the horizon using the three month forecasts.

Report:China Gasoil Supply and Demand Index
Frequency: Monthly
Coverage: China

China Gasoil Index monthly - 2012

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Stay abreast of current and short term gasoil market developments in China

The China Gasoil Supply and Demand Index Monthly features local and in-depth coverage of the gasoil market in China, including the supply and demand balance with three month forecast as well as consumption levels and import and export activity.

The ICIS China Gasoil Supply and Demand Index Monthly covers:

  • Three month supply and demand forecast
  • Output from major and independent refineries
  • Gasoil and gasoline inventory levels, including major and independent refineries and private traders
  • Balance ranges
  • Historical consumption data and seasonality trends
  • Import and export data
  • Factors driving demand from primary consumption sectors

PetroChina starts construction of third West-East gas pipeline

PetroChina has started to build the third West- East gas pipeline on 16 October, which will mark the opening of an accelerating pace of the country’s gas pipeline construction into 2013-2014, industry sources said.

China may boost fuel exports from 2014 on refining capacity surplus

China is expected to boost its gasoil and gasoline exports from 2014, because the world’s second-largest economy is likely to face an oversupply in its fast-growing refining capacities, industry sources said.

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