LPG China Weekly Report

Invaluable market insights for global LPG professionals

Demand for LPG has grown in recent years as petrochemical refineries in China increasingly choose LPG as feedstock. As a result, China is widely tipped to become one of the world’s largest LPG importers. Sustained growth has also fuelled opportunities for international LPG traders looking to capitalise on market activity.

The China LPG Weekly report from ICIS is the most comprehensive coverage available on China’s liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) import and export market.

As it meets the market intelligence needs of the key players in this growing market, the China LPG Weekly report is relied upon by global LPG producers, traders and analysts. It provides valuable and independent insights into quickly developing LPG markets, publishing prices, supply and demand metrics and news on market developments.

The China LPG Weekly report is researched by ICIS experts based in the region, with access to leading industry players and official data. Our analysts track the entire LPG supply and demand chain and report back on important industry developments as they occur. With coverage of all key areas including import and export activities, production, inventory levels and demand, this report is crucial for LPG producers, traders and global market players actively monitoring the LPG market in China.

Report: LPG China Report
Frequency: Weekly
Coverage: China

China Base Oils Annual Report - 2012

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How you will benefit

Comprehensive and timely information on China's LPG market

China's consumption of LPG is changing fast, with the use of LPG as feedstock increasing. The China LPG Weekly report contains all the detailed information needed to track trends, keep abreast of prices and understand the upstream and downstream factors affecting them.

The report covers:

  • Price assessments for the Chinese and Asian LPG markets
  • Market commentary, news and outlook on LPG and related product markets
  • LPG prices compared with other related products (crude oil, naphtha, natural gas and DME)
  • Analysis of LPG inventory levels, import margins and quality
  • China's LPG import schedules and Middle Eastern spot market shipping schedules
  • Operating rates and production margins for refineries
  • Long term outlook for LPG feedstock in China
  • Refrigerated spot cargoes from the Arab Gulf
  • Information on Chinese LPG importers
  • Updates on (propane dehydrogenation) PDH including projects, consumption analysis and forecasts, production output, imports and exports

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