Independent analysis, reviews and forecasts for China's oil markets

Our crude and refined oil markets coverage is essential reading as China continues to play a key role in these markets, driven by an extensive consumption of petroleum.

Our suite of specialist annual studies is designed to provide detailed analysis and insights into market developments over the next 12 months.  Readers of the coverage will benefit from access to comprehensive forecasts for China, along with insights into how the markets are set up and how they can be impacted by shifts in supply and demand. They will also have access to analysis of feedstock, upstream and downstream markets and price drivers – giving readers a complete perspective on the industry chain across China.

The insights are provided by our local team of specialist editors and reporters, ensuring global market players can access unrivalled, independent insights into the China crude and refined oil markets – information readers cannot access anywhere else.

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Region: China

Frequency: Annual

Base Oil
Petroleum Coke


Industries covered
Report coverage
How will you benefit?

ICIS publishes ten in-depth reports on the Chinese crude and refined oil markets:

  • China Petroleum Annual Report
  • China Teapot Annual Report
  • China Refining Annual Report
  • China Petroleum Coke Annual Report
  • China LPG Annual Report
  • China Bunker Annual Report
  • China Bitumen Annual Report
  • China MTBE Annual Report
  • China Base Oil/Lubes Annual Report
  • China Aromatics Annual Report

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