China Petroleum Annual Report

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The Chinese economy is at a crossroads. Energy market players are waiting to find out what the new growth model will be. With pressure from economic restructuring and the stagnating economy, the government is trying to identify the driving forces for sustained social and economic growth. They are focussing on GDP growth, measures to weed out the low-efficient production capacities, audits of local government debt and interest rate liberalisation.

The market has slowed: steam coal prices have triggered a downtrend; state-owned refiners had to export gasoil; crude oil import volumes dropped. The new pricing mechanism has hit speculative activities in the domestic oil products market. China’s natural gas consumption has also seen lower annual growth for the second year. With end user demand sluggish, market players and investors are finding new outlets: refiners are investing more heavily in the overseas market and new energy markets. While independents are developing new techniques. Foreign companies are reviewing the opportunities and risks in investing in China’s oil market.

With all players keen to reposition themselves to take advantage of a more open petroleum market in the future, the China Petroleum Market Annual Report provides invaluable information. Featuring in-depth analysis on developments in the China petroleum market as well as insights into new opportunities coming on-stream in the next five years, it gives all players the analysis they need to inform future plans.

Report: China Petroleum Report
Frequency: Annually
Coverage: China

China Petroleum Annual Report - 2012

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Where next for China’s petroleum market?

The China Petroleum Market Annual Report analyses all the latest transitions in the China petroleum market in 2013, with important forecasts of likely developments over the next five years. Addressing China’s energy and oil consumption prospects, profit margins, national and regional supply and demand balances, and trade flows of petroleum products, the report provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of China’s petroleum market.

The ICIS China Petroleum Annual Report covers:

  • A review of China's energy mix and petroleum consumption
  • Crude oil consumption, domestic production, imports and exports
  • Review of China's refining sector including capacity, ownership and key players
  • Analysis of gasoline, naphtha, gasoil, kerosene and fuel oil markets
  • Market supply and demand outlook to 2018 by products
  • Breakdown of oil prices and industry margins
  • The effect of government policies on China's oil industry
  • A review of logistics and infrastructure

China may boost fuel exports from 2014 on refining capacity surplus


China is expected to boost its gasoil and gasoline exports from 2014, because the world’s second-largest economy is likely to face an oversupply in its fast-growing refining capacities, industry sources said.

China may import feedstock butane on robust demand in 2013-14


A surge in butane demand from butane deep processing units in China may trigger imports of this feedstock in 2013-2014, as supply of domestic butane may fail to meet the robust demand and its quality is not as good as the foreign grade, ICIS C1 Energy forecasts.

China sets slower energy consumption targets for the Five-Year period

China slows energy consumption

China is aiming to slow energy consumption in 2011-2015, as part of its efforts to correct overuse and foster greener economy.