China Petcoke Weekly Report

Expert coverage of the Chinese petroleum coke markets

Petroleum coke (petcoke) has become a global commodity, with industrial users in Asia making an increasing impact on the market. In addition, Asian buyers are increasingly focusing on the petcoke markets in the Americas, benefiting from competitive pricing structures. It is expected that petroleum coke markets across Asia will continue to grow in the future, and will continue to rely on supply from the US. Increased Asian activity is making indices more volatile and less predictable.

To enable senior international refinery managers, petcoke traders and downstream users to have the information they need at their fingertips, ICIS produces the China Petroleum Market Weekly report. It contains extensive pricing data as well as market information, news and analysis. In addition to detailed coverage of China’s petcoke markets, the report also includes a wealth of information on other regions including the US, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Report: China Petcoke Market Weekly Report
Frequency: Weekly
Coverage: China

China Petcoke Market Weekly Report - 2012

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Weekly updates on key petroleum coke markets

For a detailed view of petroleum coke market activity, in China and in other regions, the China Petroleum Market Weekly report has all the information needed to stay informed. The report not only provides insights on China, it also makes it easier for decision-makers to review and understand the day-to-day changes impacting the global petroleum coke marketplace.

ICIS experts based in the region collate and interpret the data and information received from local contacts to create a reliable and insightful weekly market report. The insights help international petcoke decision-makers retain a clear viewpoint of market activity and make informed and timely decisions.

The ICIS China Petroleum Market Weekly covers:

  • Price assessments for China, the US, Malaysia and Taiwan
  • Import and export prices, plus information on demand conditions in China
  • Chinese petcoke deal and posting prices
  • Prices for related products including coal and fuel oil
  • China green petroleum coke inventory data
  • Expert commentary on key developments each week
  • Refinery run rates, margins and maintenance (major and teapot)
  • Downstream and related product price comparisons
  • Weekly market news
  • In-depth analysis of petcoke markets in China and overseas

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