China Refining Industry Annual Report

Comprehensive analysis and outlook for refining in China

A focused investment and development strategy over the last 10 years has seen China become the second largest refiner in the world, with a capacity of nearly 14m bbl/day of crude distillation unit (CDU). This gives China an important role to play in the Asian products market and the global crude market. State-owned oil companies are showing increasing influence on regional and global market fundamentals, and on oil pricing.

2013 has seen a number of changes for China’s refining industry: the upgrade to fuel specifications, the pricing reform of distillates products, and the diversification of consumption drivers for motor and industrial fuels. There has also been less of a focus on refinery capacity expansion.

Key questions facing the industry now include: How will China’s State Petroleum Reserves (SPR) impact the global crude oil market? How will China progress with its SPR plan? What is the progress of China‘s upgrading of Euro IV and Euro V standards of gasoline and gasoil in its refining industry? What are the obstacles and opportunities facing market players now?

The China Refining Industry Annual Report gives you the complete story of China’s rise to become the world’s second largest refiner. It also looks into future export trends to give subscribers a comprehensive view of the future, using data and analysis from ICIS industry experts. With the world entering a time of economic recovery and restructuring, this report provides timely information and analysis.

Report: China Refining Industry Annual Report
Frequency: Annually
Coverage: China

China Refining Annual Report - 2013

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A complete view of the refining industry in China

The China Refining Industry Annual Report includes detailed CDU capacity information and insight into the refining industry’s rapid development. This will give subscribers the most informed perspective of developments, and will support robust planning for the next 12 months. With the market continuing to adapt, the report keeps subscribers informed of key developments.

The China Refining Industry Annual Report covers:

  • An overview of China’s refining industry, including capacity by region, ownership and foreign partners
  • Detailed information on 83 major refineries with characteristics and operational status
  • Analysis of crude oil sourcing and flows with supply and demand balances
  • Government policies, the petrochemical stimulus package and fuel specification regulations
  • An overview of the opportunities and challenges for foreign investors
  • Analysis of the refining industry’s costs and margins
  • Crude oil logistics and infrastructure information

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