China Steam Coal Annual Report

Is the golden age of the Chinese coal industry coming to an end?

China now accounts for over half of the world’s trading volume in coal. Output levels had reached 3.65bn tonnes by 2012 and apparent consumption reached 3.93bn tonnes – over half the global total. China’s coal imports in the same period were a quarter of the world’s trading volume. But then coal prices started to drop and have continued falling during 2013 with no sign of a recovery.

Domestic market players, analysts and executives are looking for answers to key questions. Will the steam coal oversupply continue to affect prices, or has the turning point come? What are the plans for the thermal power industry? How will China’s importers deal with the squeeze of domestic products? What are the price trends and supply and demand patterns for steam coal in the future?

The China Steam Coal Market Annual Report addresses all these questions and more. It provides a clear overview of China’s steam coal, coking coal and anthracite market and a ranking and profit analysis of China’s steam coal importers. The report includes a comprehensive analysis of steam coal production, policy and operational costs and a review of future investment plans for the downstream thermal power industry. This report gives subscribers the clearest market forecasts to help inform future strategy.

Report: China Steam Coal Annual Report
Frequency: Annually
Coverage: China

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What are the emerging trends in the China steam coal market?

The China Steam Coal Market Annual Report is a detailed evaluation of the China steam coal market, presented in one easily digestible report. With up-to-date information on production costs, investment and development plans, downstream market factors, and the issue of overcapacity, the report answers business critical questions facing market players.

TThe China Steam Coal Annual Report covers:

  • Overview of China’s macro economy and energy mix
  • Details of China coal and steam coal imports and exports for the last five years
  • Price trend analysis including the gap between domestic and imported steam coal
  • Details of downstream industries including thermal power, coastal power, cement and chemicals
  • Issues affecting the market including substitutes and the two-track pricing mechanism
  • The outlook for the steam coal market up to 2017