China Independent Refinery Annual Report

China’s independent refineries catch world attention

With the Chinese petroleum market booming – it is now the second largest consumer in the world – its independent refineries are attracting increasing international attention.

China now has more than 120 independent refiners. Between them, the independent refiners have a combined capacity of crude distillation units reaching 160m tonnes/year - that accounts for about 20% of China’s total refining capacity. These refiners play an important role in both upstream refining and midstream trading. As their capacities have continued to expand they have had an increasing influence on oil product prices and trading flows in China.

The China Independent Refinery Annual Report captures the development of China’s independent refiners with historical statistics, market research and analysis of the significant issues expected to shape the industry over the next five years.

Report: China Independent Refinery Report
Frequency: Annually
Coverage: China

China Refinery Annual Report - 2012

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Invaluable insight into China’s growing reliance on its independent refineries

The China Independent Refinery Annual Report assesses the growing importance of China’s independent refineries. With international attention now focused on China’s petroleum market and refining industries, this report collates all of the current information, key statistics and insights into future trends.

The ICIS China Independent Refinery Annual Report covers:

  • Refining units and capacity with regional breakdowns
  • Feedstock mix by region plus origin, specification and destination data
  • Analysis of margins and operating rates
  • Storage and transportation facilities used by independent refiners
  • The impact of quotas, taxes and policies
  • Overview of China’s major refiners
  • The expansion plans and outlook for independent refiners for 2014 onwards

China may boost fuel exports from 2014 on refining capacity surplus


China is expected to boost its gasoil and gasoline exports from 2014, because the world’s second-largest economy is likely to face an oversupply in its fast-growing refining capacities, industry sources said.

China PDH boom to bolster propane imports


A boom in investments in China for propane dehydrogenation (PDH) projects to produce propylene is expected to bolster the country’s imports of feedstock propane.

China inland petrochemicals boom winners and losers


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