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ICIS provides extensive coverage of the global natural gas markets, bringing you independent pricing information and in-depth analysis, along with commentary and news. Information, such as price assessments and indices, can be easily accessed on the ICIS Dashboard.

Our network of reporters in Europe, China, Singapore and the US delivers local insights for many hubs and markets, published across a wide range of gas reports. ICIS is an established source of essential pricing information, used by key players in the global markets. In particular, the NBP Heren Index and TTF Heren Index are key global benchmarks for the European natural gas markets.

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TTF Day-ahead Natural Gas Price Assessment

The Dutch TTF Day-ahead natural gas price is trading at lows not seen for a number of years

Natural Gas Market Overview

Updated to Q4 2017

Fundamentals in the European wholesale natural gas market during the fourth quarter of 2017 will be structurally different from previous winters, which could lead to price volatility at the traded hubs. Britain will be without flexible supply from its now defunct Rough unit, which previously had accounted for around 70% of the country’s storage capacity. Only around 5 million cubic metres (mcm)/day will be withdrawn from the facility as its operator empties the site, a far-cry from the 42mcm/day it used to provide to the market. In the Netherlands, the annual production cap at the major Groningen field will be tightened again, to 21.6 billion cubic metres (bcm), having previously been 24.0bcm. This will reduce the export potential of the Netherlands, meaning surrounding markets will need to import more from elsewhere. Russian supply is likely to fill much of this void. Over the summer exporter Gazprom was given approval to increase its usage of a key German transit pipeline, which has allowed the company to increase its throughput along the Nord Stream pipeline, which runs under the Baltic Sea. It is likely flows through this pipe will ramp higher over the winter to meet rising demand in northwestern and central European markets.

Storage units across Europe start the winter season ten percentage points emptier than a year earlier. Should there be a severe cold snap during the fourth quarter of 2017 and reserves are drawn upon earlier than usual this is likely to boost prices for Q1 ’18 delivery, as this period will be exposed to the risk of tighter-than-usual supply margins.

ICIS gas benchmark prices

Benchmark your position in European natural gas with ICIS indices and assessments

Heren proprietary indices and assessments are the industry standard for European gas. Independently assessed and verified, directly from the market, these prices provide a reliable benchmark for the main gas hubs.

The British NBP and Dutch TTF natural gas prices, produced by ICIS, are referenced throughout the world and are the gas industry’s main reference for the European continent as a whole.

Our daily indices and assessments are designed to increase pricing transparency, enabling you to make accurate, timely decisions when buying and selling European natural gas.

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Global LNG Outlook

Global LNG Outlook

The ICIS LNG Outlook for 2018 gives a thorough country-level view with key points on new production and import infrastructure, supply and demand fundamentals and company outlooks.

European Natural Gas Outlook 2018

European Natural Gas Outlook 2018

Download the outlook for an insight into several large natural gas projects, including two market mergers, which could reshape the current trading landscape, as well as the resumption of supply from Russia to Ukraine, which has the potential to shake the market in central Europe and reshape the trading landscape.

Going, Going, Groningen...

Going, Going, Groningen...

Production from Europe’s largest onshore gas field – Groningen – was thrust into the spotlight in early January following a major gas extraction-related earthquake.

Download this market insight by senior market reporter, Alex Thackrah, to understand what the impact of the reduced Groningen output could be for the Dutch TTF hub - Europe’s most liquid gas market.