China Gas Markets Weekly and Monthly Pricing Reports

Market and pricing insights into China’s dynamic gas markets

China is fast gaining influence in global gas markets, particularly in LNG. As market liberalisation redefines the Chinese gas industry, it has never been more important to understand the factors driving supply, demand and pricing in the country.

ICIS provides dedicated weekly and monthly reports for China’s gas markets to facilitate informed decisions and to keep you updated on the developments affecting prices in the domestic market.

  • China Gas Markets Weekly report (published on Mondays)
  • China Gas Markets Monthly report (published every 11th day of the month)

Our China gas market reports include:

  • Price assessments for gas/LNG imported and delivered to the 3 main Chinese regions
  • Domestics gas prices – conventional and non-conventional
  • Information on the LNG spot import market, including importers’ list prices and scheduled cargoes to China
  • Operating rates and schedules of Chinese LNG plants
  • Weekly price comparisons of LNG against other energy substitutes such as LPG and fuel oil
  • Coverage on hot topics and domestic policies affecting upstream/downstream sectors
  • Gas supply and demand by delivery and source
  • Monthly highlights on key activities in the LNG market
  • Non-conventional gas coverage, including shale gas and coal-bed methane
  • Commentary on new LNG technology, capacity and events

How can you use this information?

  • Monitor China Gas Prices - Access accurate and up-to-date prices for natural gas, LNG and non-conventional gas to help you identify price trends and negotiate contracts based on reliable information.
  • Understand China’s market dynamics - Gain essential insights into price drivers, key issues and factors driving consumption in China, and how these affect both local and international players.
  • Develop a strategy in the China gas market - Use our analysis and price comparisons to identify the most profitable opportunities in the China gas market, and which regions, companies and sectors to target.
  • Plan for the Future - Our trusted analysis and forecast data enables you to plan ahead in China’s evolving markets, to mitigate risk and optimise your portfolio.

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Why Choose ICIS?

  • Unrivalled coverage of China markets with comprehensive data and analysis, direct from the region
  • Reliable market intelligence following trusted methodology and stringent editorial standards
  • Forecast Data and Analysis to help you develop robust plans and make informed strategy decisions