China Gas Market Weekly Pricing Report

Weekly market and pricing insights into China’s dynamic gas markets

China is fast gaining influence in global gas markets, particularly in liquefied natural gas (LNG). As market liberalisation redefines the Chinese gas industry, it has never been more important to understand the factors driving supply, demand and pricing in the country.

The China Gas Market Weekly Pricing Report is essential reading for traders, analysts, energy executives and risk managers who require weekly up-to-date gas and LNG domestic pricing and in-depth independent analysis of China’s LNG market developments and their impact on supply and demand.

Report coverage:

  • Price assessments for gas/LNG imported and delivered to the three main Chinese regions
  • Domestic gas prices – conventional and non-conventional
  • Information on the LNG spot import market, including importers’ list prices and scheduled cargoes to China
  • Weekly price comparisons of LNG against other energy substitutes such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and fuel oil
  • List transactions on SHPGX
  • Operating rates and schedules of Chinese LNG plants
  • Coverage of hot topics and domestic policies affecting upstream/downstream sectors
  • Arbitrage flows
  • Non-conventional gas coverage, including shale gas and coal-bed methane
  • Commentary on new LNG technology, capacity and events

How can you benefit from our reports?

  • Strengthen your position in contract negotiations - Access accurate and up-to-date prices for natural gas, LNG and non-conventional gas to help you negotiate contracts based on reliable information recognized by both international and domestic China markets.
  • Identify spot and short-term market opportunities - Insights into the spot market of China’s LNG imports – list prices, spot sales of imported LNG at major terminals.
  • Develop effective short- to mid- term planning - Gain essential insights into market trends and current market dynamics - price drivers, key issues and factors driving consumption in China.
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Why choose ICIS?

Deep local insights with global context.

  • Local teams in major natural gas regions: East (Shanghai and Shandong) and South China (Guangzhou) with authoritative local market understanding.
  • ICIS’ China spot LNG assessments are the most widely recognised in the China market and used as the benchmark for China’s first spot LNG trading platform for forward contracts by Ningbo Commodity Exchange
  • Longest history of global spot market prices, dating back as far as February 2008
  • Most widely used gas price benchmark provider for Europe
  • ICIS EAX is used in CME settlements

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