European Gas Hub Report

The ICIS European Gas Hub Report provides readers with a comprehensive, quarterly analysis of liquidity and market developments, as well as an outlook for all liquid and developing trading hubs in Europe. The detailed report now includes not only the major hubs of northwest Europe, but even more markets that are growing and becoming more liquid across Central Europe and the Mediterranean.

European Gas Hub Report

From October 2015, the coverage of the ICIS Tradability Index – a crucial liquidity indicator – has been widened to include TRS, ZTP, AOC, Slovakia, Turkey, Poland and Denmark. This is on top of the long-running Tradability Indices for NBP, TTF, Zeebrugge, PEG Nord, NCG, GASPOOL, VTP, PSV and the Czech Republic.

The main report – published in October – and the three quarterly updates, are a must-have for all stakeholders across the European gas markets, providing expert outlooks for future development and a wealth of knowledge on the potential for future trading points.

The expanded coverage will also provide a more granular breakdown of traded volumes along the entire curve of all the major hubs. This is in addition to the detailed analysis of the latest changes to liquidity, counterparties regulation and infrastructure for all regions.

Key features

  • In-depth coverage of 22 European gas market
  • The ICIS Tradability Index for 16 hubs
  • A comprehensive analysis of activity across all hubs
  • Details on infrastructure and regulatory developments
  • An outlook on trade developments
  • Standardised churn ratios, along with hub operator volumes and data
  • Long-term pricing and hub pricing charts

Supporting your business

The European Gas Hub Report provides an independent and transparent view of what is still often an opaque, but fast-growing, over-the-counter (OTC) commodity market. It allows readers to:

  • Review market conditions across different gas markets and assess how and why trade is developing
  • Access detailed information on liquidity-driving factors in each market
  • Build strategic plans, using our independent insight
  • Read analysis that covers all aspects of gas trading

Increase in volume of traded natural gas across European hubs boots liquidity

Increase in volume of traded natural gas across European hubs boots liquidity

The volume of natural gas traded during the first quarter of 2018 increased in the major European markets compared with the same period a year before, with a rise in curve activity boosting liquidity.

The April 2018 issue of the European Gas Hub Report gives you an update on the European landscape, with in-depth coverage of prices, liquidity data, trade volumes and developments across 22 gas hubs. Download the summary.

ICIS Infographic: Comparing natural gas prices as Europe and Asia compete for US LNG

ICIS Infographic: Comparing natural gas prices as Europe and Asia compete for US LNG

This infographic looks at recent gas price developments in various regions and the destinations of nascent US LNG exports so far.

ICIS Dashboard

The European Gas Hub Report is accessible online via the ICIS dashboard, providing a single view of prices, market news, alerts and historical pricing data.

View the markets and prices you’re most interested in.

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