Developments in the Italian Gas Market

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Trading activity across energy markets has changed significantly over the last two years, particularly in Italy. This creates an urgent requirement for accurate and timely data to conclude deals and plan procurement strategies.

  • Energy buyers require an independent source of OTC prices to reference and trade against.
  • Market players need a qualitative explanation of what drives prices on the PSV and TTF hubs.
  • As Italian power markets increase in significance, a reliable source of relevant news and analysis is needed.
  • With fundamentals driving OTC prices, an understanding of Italian gas demand, production, storage, imports and exports is vital.

Developments in the Italian Gas Market

In Italy, PSV traded volumes have soared in recent months. Suppliers have to remain competitive, but at the same time allow market participants to buy gas directly in the wholesale market. Short-term transport capacity, changes to the balancing market, and storage allocation reform have all encouraged PSV liquidity. All-inclusive, single supplier gas procurement packages are dwindling as buyers move towards more flexible hub-based solutions.

How ICIS can help

ICIS is the only information provider to offer benchmark price assessments for TTF. Our prices are referenced in the settlement of new Powernext PSV swap contracts and for Italian retail prices set by the Italian energy regulator. We offer a vast array of information via various reporting options.

  • Daily PDF reports and online dashboard options
  • News on Italian gas and power markets
  • Insightful market commentaries for PSV, TTF and Italian power
  • ICIS PSV day-ahead, monthly and monthly cumulative price indices
  • Extensive PSV and TTF forward price assessments
  • PSV/TTF price assessment spreads
  • Italian power index
  • Extensive Italian baseload and peakload forward power price assessments
  • Italian speak ad clean spark spreads
  • Italian power/French power baseload and peakload spreads
  • Daily summary of Italian gas production, imports, LNG send-out, storage, demand and exports

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Italian Q2 Sparks Reassessed Lower As Hydro Improves

Italian Q2 Sparks Reassessed Lower As Hydro Improves

The recently improved hydro situation in Italy, along with falling wholesale prices, have impacted profit margins for gas-fired power plant operators. In its latest market highlight ICIS looks at how this profit margin has turned negative for the coming quarter as gas stocks have improved and imports from the south and north have increased.

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