Mexico Energy Report

The ICIS Mexico Energy Report (MER) is the first English-language product focusing exclusively on Mexico's energy market. The MER provides news, commentary and analysis on Mexico's power and natural gas markets, which over the next few years promise to be among the most dynamic in the Americas.

This in-depth, fornightly report covers the latest regulations and projects emerging from this rapidly-changing market, which is being transformed by government reforms opening up the energy sector for the first time in over half a century.

The report is vital for those looking for future business, investment and energy trading opportunities in Mexico, as well as across the southern US.

Report features

The ICIS Mexico Energy Report is the only English-language publication to offer an expert eye on the development of Mexico's power and gas markets, giving readers access to:

  • A tender table listing the latest energy infrastructure projects available for private investment.
  • Current and future prices for Mexico's natural gas market.
  • Commentary on the US gas market and its likely impact on Mexican pricing.
  • Updates on cross-border infrastructure and future trade flows.
  • Analysis on the pace of market development as Mexico strives to liberalise its energy sector.

How can it help?

The ICIS Mexico Energy Report provides an independent and expert view of the country's rapidly-developing gas and power markets. It enables you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the business opportunities emerging from Mexico.
  • Understand the evolving nature of the country's energy legislation.
  • Make decisions about potential future trading positions and prospects.
  • Create strategic plans using ICIS' independent view.
  • Identify existing and prospective major trading partners.

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Energy news appearing in ICIS:

Chevron to open fuel stations in Mexico

...Chevron to open fuel stations in Mexico. David Haydon. HOUSTON (ICIS)--Chevron expects to open its first fuel station in Mexico within the coming weeks,... Fri, 18 Aug 2017

Braskem cracker run rates fall in Mexico on Pemex ethane woes

...Braskem cracker run rates fall in Mexico on Pemex ethane woes. Al Greenwood.  HOUSTON (ICIS)--Run rates at the new Ethylene XXI complex in Mexico fell... Wed, 16 Aug 2017

Second straight US-Mexico pipeline capacity auction declared void

...capacity in the 2.1bcf/day NET Mexico pipeline, upstream from the Los Ramones trunkline in Mexico, on a daily basis. The subsidiary began offering 40,... Fri, 11 Aug 2017

Mexico Energy Resources

Mexico's natural gas revolution

Gas demand in Mexico is expected to soar over coming years as the country's energy market opens up to private investment.

In this whitepaper, ICIS takes an in depth look at the potential development path for the world's 9th largest natural gas consumer. Download the report to gain insights into Mexico's natural gas industry and how its future developments will potentially impact both regioanl and global markets.

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ICIS Energy Podcast

The opening up of Mexico's gas and power markets

ICIS Energy Reporters Dan McGraw and James Fowler discuss the latest developments in Mexico's energy reform process and the opportunities opening up in the country's natural gas and power markets.

They also analyze the challenges facing regulators seeking to establish the conditions necessary to encourage private participation in Mexico's evolving energy sector.

Webinar: Mexico's Gas Market Analysis

ICIS reporter James Fowler explores the key demand drivers for Mexico's natural gas market in this hour long webinar. The country's recent moves into the LNG spot market, as well as future proposals for global exports are examined in detail through this presentation which can be downloaded here.

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Mexico Energy Podcast

Energy reforms signed into law over 2013-14 have laid the foundations for the opening up of Mexico's gas and power markets. Legislators are now focused on the nuts and bolts regulations governing exactly how these markets will be composed. Listen to the podcast below.

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